Hungarian Name: Szász Attila

Bio: ATTILA SZASZ was born November 14, 1974, in Romania to a non-Christian family.  Attila spent his first 18 years far from God, living in sin, then God called him to salvation.  God also called him to preach His Word at that time.  In 1993 he began to study at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions and graduated in 1997.  He was active in child evangelism for one year, then married Zelma, at which time they began to minister in the small town of Szamosujvar, Romania.  After a few years of sowing the seed there, Attila started visiting people in Kolozsvar, a nearby important historical city for Hungarian people in Romania.  In 2004 he and Zelma and their two sons, Samuel (1999) and Daniel (2000), moved to Kolozsvar where Attila has maintained worship services and Bible studies while continuing (biweekly) meetings in Szamosujvar.  More recently Attila has started to pastor a Romanian group in Kolozsvar.




Hungarian Name: Curcubet Gabriel

Bio: GABRIEL CURCUBET was born July 12, 1969, in Romania.  His father was the local leader of the Communist Party.  Therefore Gabriel was educated in an atheist/evolutionist faith.  When he was 24 years old, he attended an evangelistic meeting where God led him out of his sins to new life in Christ.  After receiving God’s call to become a pastor, he studied at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions.  After finishing his studies in 1996 he married Gabriella, and they started mission work in the city of Iasi and later in Marosvasarhely.  In 1999 they moved to Szekelyudvarhely.  In addition to Gabriel’s pastoral ministries, he is working to legalize home schooling in Romania and expand creationist work by organizing creationist weekends and days every month and creationist camps every year.  Gabriel and Gabriella have four children: David (1997), Eszter-Salome (1999), Matthias (2001), and Elijah-Gabriel (2002).



Hungarian Name: Molnar Sándor Levente

Bio: SANDOR LEVENTE MOLNAR was born August 31, 1970 in Adamos, Romania.  His parents were religious, but not born-again Christians.  He grew up in religious surroundings, but didn’t know the Lord.  He came to living faith at the age of 22 in a Baptist church, but kept his membership in the Reformed Church.  Sandor was convinced that the Reformed confessions were biblical, but saw that there was much compromise in the Hungarian Reformed Church of Romania.  Later the Lord called Sandor to be His servant.  His heart was reached especially through the words of Ezekiel 33:7. He planned to study at the theological seminary in Kolozsvar, but after reading an article by one of the theological professors, he changed his mind.  The professor not only criticized the students of Karolyi Institute, but also the confessions that had caused him to remain in the Reformed faith.  By God’s grace, Sandor was led to study at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions.  After graduating from there in 2003, he started his ministry in Szovata, Romania.  In the summer of 2003 he married Eva.  In 2009 they moved to Marosvasarhely where they continue the church planting work started by Kalman Kovacs. The Lord has blessed them with three daughters: Zsuzsanna (2008), Bora Andrea (2011) and Johanna (2013).



Hungarian Name: Kovács Ferenc

Bio: FERENC KOVACS was born February 9, 1973, into a non-Christian family in Szovata, Romania.  He received a kind of Christian education, but was seeking for joy and happiness in his dreams to become a sailor and world traveler.  At the age of 18 the Lord stepped into his life, stopped his dreaming, and started to turn his heart toward God.  A half year later he understood the Gospel and started to follow the Lord.  Later he was called by the Lord to be His servant.  He received theological training at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions. Immediately after graduation in 1996, Ferenc married Sara and started to serve in Szovata.  After 20 years of service, there is a nicely growing congregation there and a blessed summer camp ministry.  The Lord also called Ferenc to be coordinator of the work in Romania — a link between our Mission in the USA and the national mission work there.  Ferenc and his wife Sara have four daughters: Sara (1997), Anna (1998), Eva (1999 and Marta (2003).



Hungarian Name:  László Lehel István:

Bio: LEHEL ISTVAN LASZLO was born July 15, 1970, to a non-Christian family in Romania.  After the fall of Communism, he started to read Christian books and the Bible.  This was his first step toward God, and by God’s grace Lehel was able to step onto the narrow road that leads to life.  From 1992 until 1996 he studied theology at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions.  After graduating, he started a church planting work in Rava, a Gypsy village.  In December 1999, Lehel married Judit.  They have three children: Virag Eszter (2000), Hunor (2004) and Zete Matyas (2005).  Lehel and his family live in Erdoszentgyorgy where he has started a church planting work in addition to the one in Rava.


Hungarian Name: Simon Szabolcs

Bio: SZABOLCS SIMON was born May 14, 1974, in the town of Barot, Romania.  He and his five brothers were reared in a non-Christian family.  When Szabolcs was 16 years old he met the living Christ.  After several years of walking by faith, he sensed God’s calling to be a missionary.  From 1993 till 1997 he studied theology at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions.  In 1998 he married Margit, a social worker, and began his ministry in the small town of Kezdivasarhely.  Two years later, he began a weekly Bible study in Sepsiszentgyorgy, a nearby major city which soon became his major work.  In 2001 they moved there while continuing his weekly Bible studies in Kezdivasarhely.  In 2005 he started Bible studies with some students in Csikszereda, a strong Roman Catholic city.  He continued these studies until 2009 when Sandor Tamas took them over and started a new congregation.  He also has meetings twice a week in Brasso.  Szabolcs and Margit have three children: Hanna (1999), Tekla (2001), and Peter (2003).  Their children are being home schooled (as are the children of all our men).



Hungarian Name: Tamás Sándor

Bio: SANDOR TAMAS was born May 16, 1978 in Romania.  His father was Roman Catholic, and his mother Unitarian.  Sandor was born again through faith in Jesus Christ in 1997.  After a few years his twin brother (five minutes older) repented and became a member of our church.  His father and mother now attend our worship services.  After graduating from Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions, Sandor began his ministry in Budapest, Hungary.  Six months later he moved to Szekelyudvarhely, Romania, to help Gabriel Curcubet with that congregation and another in Szekelykeresztur.  From October 21, 2009 on, he was no longer Gabriel’s assistant in Szekelyudvarhely, but became a church planter on his own in Csikszereda, Romania with his wife Biborka at his side.  Tamas and Biborka were married October 10, 2009. They now have three children: Janka (2011) and twins Eszter (2013) and Lazar (2013).



Hungarian Name: Zólya Csaba.

Bio: CSABA ZOLYA was born June 11, 1978, in Romania to a religious, but non-Christian family.  His desire was to be a professional soccer player, and soccer became his god.  But God used his heart problems to pull down this god and call Csaba to faith in Jesus Christ through His Word, especially Romans 12. By God’s grace Csaba was called to serve the Lord as a minister of the Gospel.  While in his fourth year at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions, Csaba started to visit regularly some people in a small Romanian town called Vulkan.  After graduating in 2002, he moved to Vulkan, where now, by God’s grace, he has a small but zealous congregation.  And a Bible study group of Romanian people who are growing in the Word.  Csaba also has regular meetings in the neighboring town of Petrozsen.  He and his wife, Ibolya, have twin girls, Rebeka and Anna.  They also have a young boy, Izsak, born September, 2011.

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