Hungarian Name: Lőrinc Bertalan

Bio: BERTALAN LORINC was born May 15, 1976 in Ukraine to a non-Christian family.  He spent his first 18 years far from God, living in sin.  While serving in the Ukrainian army, God called him through His Word.  Bertalan believed the Gospel and knew that God had forgiven him of his sin.  After completing his military service, he sensed God’s leading to preach His Word.  He studied at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions in Miskolc, Hungary and graduated there in 2002. In 2003 he married Maria, and together they began a ministry in the village of Gat, Ukraine.  After three years they moved to Beregszasz, a larger town populated mostly by Hungarians where he was ordained as a pastor in July, 2013.  He continues to conduct worship services and Bible studies there as well as in a nearby village, Izsnyete.  Bertalan and Maria have three children: Jonathan (2005), Benjamin (2007) and Jeremiah (2010).



Hungarian Name: Gál István

Bio: ISTVAN GAL was born October 24, 1980, in Ukraine.  His family members were non-Christians.  The Lord called Istvan to faith in Christ when he was 16 years old.  Two years later, he was called to preach the Word.  He graduated from Karoly Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions in Hungary in 2004.  In the spring of 2006 Istvan married Beata, and began his ministry in Gat, Rafajna and Zapszony, three small villages in Ukraine near the Hungarian border.  His ministry is now focused on Zapszony and a newer work in Barkaso.  He also helps Bertalan Lorinc pastor a very new work in Ungvar.  He and Beata have three children: Lidia (2007), Abraham (2008) and Miriam (2009).


dscf0269_0 orosz-attila

Hungarian Name: Orosz Attila

Bio: ATTILA OROSZ was born in Ukraine to a non-Christian, Hungarian-speaking family.  Attila was converted when he attended one of our summer camps and there put his faith in Jesus Christ.  He immediately began to attend our worship services, then lead youth groups.  This is how he got his call.  He has not yet finished his studies (he is in the fourth year) or his internship program and, so, has not yet been licensed to preach (be a pastor).  But he is making good progress in this and has been “under care” of the church since March, 2014.  In 2011 he married Katalin.  They now live in Muzsaly (near Beregszasz), have one child, Julia (2012), and are expecting a second child later this year.


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