Szoke Imre

Hungarian Name: Szőke Imre

Bio: IMRE SZOKE was born October 18, 1970, near Kolozsvar, Romania, to a nominal Reformed family.  In his early years Imre lived according to his desires and dreams.  Not knowing Christ and His grace, he was lost in his sin.  But the Lord had another plan for his life and, consequently, in March of 1993, he enrolled as a student at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions.  Imre became a Christian there during the second year of his studies.  He graduated in 1996 and was ordained as a pastor in April, 1998.  Since then he has been ministering in the Miskolc, Hungary congregation as well as helping other churches of our denomination in Hungary and Ukraine.  Along with his pastoral duties, Imre teaches at the seminary (homiletics and apologetics), directs publication projects at the Presbyterian Publishing House, works with the Hungarian homeschooling families, and takes care of other administrative duties related to his ministry.  In the summer of 1997 Imre married Krisztina, his helpmate in the ministry.  They have three children:  Aron (1998), Balazs (2000) and Zsofia (2003).  Besides teaching the children, Krisztina is the seminary librarian.



Hungarian Name: Sikó Mihály

BioMIHALY SIKO was born August 12, 1975, to a non-Christian family in Romania.  Although his parents were not Christians, they were religious.  So from his childhood he knew that God was there and is a holy God to whom he one day would give an account of his life.  In spite of this, it took a number of years for Mihaly to humble himself before God and repent of his sin.  This he did in the summer of 1993 when he prayed to God to forgive his sins and show him His will.  God answered his prayer.  Within two weeks he entered Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions, finishing his studies in 1998.  In the summer of 1998 he started his ministry in Marosvasarhely and Szovata.  In 2000 he moved from Szovata to Brasso where he served for two years before going to Szekelyudvarhely to help Gabriel Curcubet with his ministries there.  In December 2003 Mihaly married Zita, and together they took up a ministry which had earlier been started in the city of Budapest, Hungary.  They served there until April 2010 when they moved to Debrecen to plant a new church.  Mihaly conducts regular worship services, Bible studies, and evangelistic outreach ministries.  He and Zita have three children: Agota (2011), Balint (2013) and Katalin (2014)



Hungarian Name: Bagoly Gyula

Bio: GYULA BAGOLY was born September 11, 1974 to a non-Christian family in Romania.  Gyula became a Christian when he attended a Christian camp at the age of 17.  After that he had a longing for missions and was looking for a way to serve God.  In 1993 he was led by God to study theology at Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology and Missions.  After graduating he was asked to teach Greek and New Testament at the seminary.  In 2001 he married Klara, and she became a welcome helpmate in the ministry at Miskolc, Hungary.  Besides teaching and serving as Dean of Students, Gyula helps with publications, editing the church’s quarterly magazine, The Narrow Way. He also helps to supervise the work in Ukraine.  He was associate pastor of the Miskolc congregation for ten years.  Then in August 2008 he moved to Balatonalmadi where a new church was started from a small, existing group.  He continues to minister there and at a newer church in Kaposszerdahely.  He and Klara have three children: Anna (2002), Abigel (2004) and Rebeka (2009).



Hungarian Name: Szabó Péter András

Bio: PETER SZABO was raised as a Roman Catholic in Hungary.  When he was 7, his mother was converted to Christ.   His connection with the Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCCEE) came when his mother became medical doctor of the students at Karolyi Gaspar Institute.  From then on, Peter began to attend the camps and conferences of the church.  It was during one of these camps that the Lord gripped his heart and mind.  In 2003, he became interested in the Distance Education Program at the Institute.  He was in his second year when God began to draw him to the ministry.  Peter met his future wife, Erika, at a conference in Sovata, Romania in 2004.  He began to court her in 2008, and in September 2009 they were married.  Peter started his ministry under Pastor Mihály Sikó in Budapest, Hungary.  After Mihály’s move to Debrecen in 2010 Peter took over the shepherding of the Budapest flock.  Peter and Erika have two children: Andras (2012) and Eszter (2014).

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