September 2013 Supplement Letter


This supplement has news and the prayer needs of our 16 Hungarian pastors and is meant to be used with the bookmarks distributed earlier this year.  If you need a bookmark, please let me know.  “The fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.” (James 5:16)


Imre Szoke (EEM-ray SO-kay)  In July and August, Imre was active in three of the five camps in Hungary.  One of them was new, for boys only.  The main topic was “What does a biblical man look like?”  Some 14 boys came.  It was a precious opportunity to reach these boys who are entering manhood who, apart from God’s Word, could not know how to live out their next stage of life.  Next came the summer conference for Imre and our members in Hungary – though some who came were not members.  Over 70 adults and dozens of children came and were blessed.  Imre is still preaching to his Miskolc congregation from Philippians.  New people are coming to every service and some keep coming.  One of our members, a former Jehovah’s Witness, has been bringing another JW with him to the services.  Pray for these many new contacts Imre has.

Peter Szabo (PEE-ter SAW-bow)   In addition to helping at the camps in Miskolc, Peter was able to progress with his Basic Gospel (Romans course) contacts.  One of his contacts recently confessed to him a secret sin and is now beginning to call upon Christ to save him.  Peter also has three people finishing our MC (Membership Course).  The hope is that all three will soon be members.  Pray for all these people, that God would continue to use Peter as a pastor and evangelist to Budapest’s two million people.

Gyula Bagoly (JEW-law BAW-go-ee)  Gyula continues to minister to two congregations and to people who are considering the Christian faith and taking the Romans course.  He also helped at our conference in Miskolc where he had two lectures, one on perseverance, one on the last chapter of Nehemiah and Nehemiah’s reforms among the people of his day.  Gyula also spent time preparing the fall budget and helped us purchase a new car for Bertalan Lorinc in Ukraine.  He also helps Imre on an updated translation of Pink’s The Sovereignty of God.  Pray God would bless his many contacts with people – believers and unbelievers.

Mihaly Siko (MEE-high SHE-ko)  Earlier this month the Lord gave Misi and Zita a baby boy.  In August two of Misi’s members were married in Ukraine.  Misi helped at the wedding.  He and Zita also sang Christian music for it.  It is good this newly wed couple decided to return to Debrecen where they can greatly help Misi in his ministry.  Misi also has two people in the Romans course.  Pray for him – that God would empower him in this city once called “Protestant Rome” but which now is in desperate need of the light of the gospel.


Ferenc Kovacs (FAIR-ents KOH-vatch)  Ferenc was fully occupied with camp work in Romania in July and August.  Let me speak only of the last three camps: (1) The camp for young couples and families was well attended – 22 adults and 21 children.  Two-thirds of these were from our church; a third were not. The topics related mostly to the Christian family and child rearing, though some time went for personal growth.  During the lectures and discussions, the older children took care of the children of the campers, which was a great testimony to the parents – as they could see the fruit of godly rearing and home schooling in the children.   They were amazed at how our children are so different from worldly families.  (2) Evangelizing and teaching older adults.  This camp had 14 people, but was very profitable since they were not yet members, but very much enjoyed their time and went away with much to think about.  (3) Evangelizing and teaching camp for young adults.  This camp had 33 campers, mostly non-members.  Ferenc spoke on the life of Elijah, and Szabolcs on Christian courting and preparing for marriage.  The campers were greatly drawn to the lectures and were often deeply affected by hearing about dangers in their lives, problems they already knew about, but didn’t understand.  Ferenc said: “It was joyful to hear many give their testimony how our camps helped them repent and turn to the Lord.  Maybe this was our best camp in Szovata this summer.”  Pray God will continue to work in the hearts of all these who came to our camps this summer in Szovata, Romania.

Sandor Tamas (SHAWN-door TAWM-awsh)   Sandor is working in the heavily Roman Catholic city of Csikszereda.  Pray God would help him in his work with people.  And for the sister of one of our members there who recently professed faith in Christ and needs special grace to remain firm in her faith.

Sandor Molnar (SHAWN-door MOLE-nawr)  The biggest event for Sandor Molnar and Eva last month was the birth of a baby girl.  Sandor did work in their home to prepare it for her.  He also turned his garage into an office and counseling room and started using it to counsel people, members and non-members.  He finished the membership course with one couple (though only the wife is ready) and continues the MC with one other person.  Pray that God would continue to use him both as pastor and evangelist.

Gabor Curcubet (GAW-bore COUR-koo-bet)   Gabor continued his teaching series on Acts and reports that his church members are growing spiritually.  This includes several who are recent converts to Christ.  Gabor organized an English camp with 11 participants where the main subject of the camp was the life of Daniel.  He also had a Photo Camp where he and a member of his congregation taught 9 young people interested both in photography and the Bible.  In the area of homeschooling, Gabor organized a highly successful conference August 31 with more than 80 people (60 families represented) attending.  Some key educators in the country were there as well.  Gabor also helped his wife put into Romania her book on HS, then gave copies of it to all at the conference.  Many wrote back, saying what a great encouragement the conference and book were to them.  Pray for wisdom, strength and grace for Gabor as pastor, HS coordinator, and evangelist.

Lehel Laszlo (LEH-hell LOSS-low)   Lehel’s congregation is doing well.  He has continued to preach from the book of Psalms at his worship service.  Lehel and Judit’s children enjoyed the summer, spending a lot of time at the camp in Szovata, helping in various ways there.  Lehel continues to guide people in the Romans course.  Several are showing good evidence of new faith in Christ.  Lehel also has a fine member who can soon be a good ruling elder.  Pray for Lehel in all his contacts.  His congregation is growing nicely.

Attila Szasz (AW-tee-law SAWS)  On the Lord’s Day, Attila continued on the life of Joseph.  Midweek on the parables of Christ.  Friday night on the miracles of Christ.  His congregation then participated in the largest yearly event held for Hungarians in the region.  This year 170,000 people came to it, and our people not only had a book table with all kinds of attractive literature, but live programs for children.  The organizers of this event attended some of these programs and, in this way, the news about us went out to thousands by radio, newspaper and the internet.  Pray God would help in the follow up of these new contacts.

Csaba Zolya (CHA-baw ZOH-yah)  Csaba continued his series on I Timothy with his Hungarian congregation   and started a series on Jonah with his Romanian congregation.  He has 11 people he is working to enroll in the Romans course.  In August Csaba had a serious infection problem with his teeth.  It eventually took an opera-tion to solve the problem.  Pray for Csaba’s health and God’s blessing on his work with people.

Szabolcs Simon (SAW-bolch SHE-moan)   Szabolcs just started a new series on I Thessalonians, after finishing Acts.  He was very busy July and August helping Ferenc at various camps in Szovata.  His congregations are doing very well.  Believers are being tested, but standing firmly in the faith.  One joyful event took place in one of his congregations, the wedding of two of our members in Sepsi.  There was also an English camp in Sepsi which the Lord blessed.  Pray for Szabolcs since his schedule is a very busy one.

Kalman Kovacs (KALL-mawn KOH-vatch)   Kalman took all of Ferenc’s services on the Lord’s Day and mid-week.  He was also very busy visiting people.  He currently has 15 in the Romans course, 6 of whom are doing very well.  And 8 in the Membership Course.  Pray God would powerfully use His Word through Kalman.


Bertalan Lorinc (BEAR-taw-lawn LOR-eents)  Berci’s wife worked hard to start homeschooling their second son this fall.  Berci himself was extremely busy with the camps in Ukraine.  In August alone, there were three camps: (1) a camp for youth above age 14 with 26 attending (2) one for young Christians where 16 youth came (3) a Bible/Ukrainian camp where the Bible was taught in the Ukrainian language. (Our people in Ukraine speak Hungarian to one another, so Ukrainian is a second language to them.)  Some 18 adults and 10 young people attended.  This was a new idea and very successful.  Pray now for the follow-up of these people.

Istvan Gal (ISHT-vawn GALL) Istvan also worked hard for all 7 camps in Ukraine this summer. He is grateful that, busy as he was with the camps, he could work with several people in the BG (Romans course).  Pray God would bless all his work – pastoral ministry and time with people in the BG course.  One beautiful thing is the way many of Istvan’s young people gave so much of themselves to help at the camps this summer.

Geza Demeter (GAY-zah DEM-eh-ter)  Geza helps the ministries of both Berci and Istvan.  He was also very active in all the camps, giving a lot of teaching time at the camps.  It is a blessing to see how our three men in Ukraine work together so well.  Pray for Geza’s ongoing ministry in reaching out to many with the Romans course now that the camping season has ended.  This is a golden opportunity.


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