July 2013 Supplement Letter


This supplement has news and prayer needs of our 16 Hungarian pastors and is meant to be used with the bookmarks distributed earlier this year.  If you need a bookmark, please let me know.


One man (Peter Szabo, Budapest) was ordained in mid-June, and another (Bertalan Lorinc, Ukraine) was ordained July 6.  We gained six members the last two months while losing three.  We PTL for 21 camps this summer, two more than last year.  Please pray for these camps (as listed in the May supplement).


Imre Szoke (EEM-ray SO-kay)  Imre was in Ukraine for the wedding of two members in June, then stayed for the monthly Bible School.  Five new people came.  Imre continues to preach through Philippians in Miskolc and teach church history mid-week.  He has two people who just started the Romans course.  Another man, a drug addict, wants to take it.  Pray for these people.  His congregation helped organize a big English camp (more than 60 applicants, mostly non-Christians) the second week of July.  Pray God will continue to use Imre as a pastor, seminary teacher, writer, and one of the coordinators of our work in Ukraine.

Peter Szabo (PEE-ter SAW-bow)   June was full of church events for Peter.  The wedding of Istvan Szanto (from Peter’s congregation) and Csilla Kovacs (Ukraine) was spread over two weekends (church wedding in Ukraine, then the civil ceremony in Budapest).  Peter preached at both events, speaking from Hosea 2:16-20.  More than 100 non-Christians attended the two events, so Peter had a great opportunity to preach God’s grace and eternal life through Christ.  It was also encouraging to see how members in both countries helped with the two services.  A little later, another member in the BP congregation became engaged to a member in Ukraine.  Topping it off was Peter’s ordination in June.  Peter continues to work with people in the Romans course and has three who are finishing the Membership Course.  Pray God will continue to use Peter as a pastor and evangelist to Budapest’s two million people.

Gyula Bagoly (JEW-law BAW-go-ee)  Gyula continues to give the Romans course to people.  In Kaposvar his people in the Romans course are showing an understanding of the gospel.  In Almadi he has been giving the course to a chronic drug addict.  Pray that God would use this man’s addiction to show him the hopelessness of life without Christ.  Gyula continues to preach on I, II Thessalonians (both congregations) and has a special series on the Holy Spirit during the week.  He and Imre continue to work on an improved translation of Pink on The Sovereignty of God.  Praise God for Gyula’s devotion to Christ.  Pray God will use him as a pastor of two congregations, seminary teacher, and one of the coordinators of our Ukraine work.

Mihaly Siko (MEE-high SHE-ko)  Misi and Zita are awaiting the baby they trust will come in early September.  Misi’s congregation in Debrecen is still small, but they were recently encouraged to gain a new member, then see the husband of this new member soften toward the faith and start the Romans course.  Pray for him.  In June Misi took part in a book fair where he gave out more than 200 Bibles and got the addresses of more than 30 people, some of whom said they were interested in our Romans course.  One of these persons has, in fact, already started the Romans course.  Pray for Misi in this new work – that God will empower him in this city once called “Protestant Rome” but now deeply in need of the light of the gospel.


Ferenc Kovacs (FAIR-ents KOH-vatch)  Ferenc was able (in June) not only to visit his members, but some non-members.  However, for the most part, he was preparing for the 9 camps in Romania and getting the property ready for the first camp June 24.  Praise God for his calling to help direct the Romania work.  Pray God will use him as a pastor, coordinator, and director of the summer camp ministry in Romania.

Sandor Tamas (SHAWN-door TAWM-awsh)   Sandor is working in the difficult, heavily Roman Catholic city of Csikszereda.  Pray God would help him in his work with people.  And for the sister of one of our members there who recently professed faith in Christ as her Savior.

Sandor Molnar (SHAWN-door MOLE-nawr)   Sandor Molnar and his wife have a baby due soon, sometime

in August.  Pray for Eva as this will be her fourth caesarean section.  Sandor has been preaching on the life of

Joseph from Genesis.  Last month they had two members added to their congregation.  Both come from the liberal HRC (Hungarian Reformed Church) and, through the teaching of the Word in our church, became believers and now are very zealous Christians.  Pray God will use Sandor both as a pastor and evangelist and many will turn to Christ under his ministry.

Gabor Curcubet (GAW-bore COUR-koo-bet)   In June Gabor and his family had a lot of illness, then Gabriella contracted pneumonia.  She was rushed to the hospital where, for several days, it seemed she might not make it.  Then, after much prayer, she suddenly started to improve and left the hospital in three days.  Meanwhile, Gabor led a very successful home schooling conference in Dej, Cluj County, Romania.  Gabor was able to share the gospel with the Romanian Orthodox people who attended the conference.  More than 50 came, and some decided to start HS.  Gabor is also thankful that his son, David, is showing zeal and gifts for the ministry at the age of 16.  Toward the end of June, Gabor started the Membership Course with a young man who came to faith during the evangelism week in February, then went through the Romans Course and now openly professes faith in Christ.  Pray that Gabor will represent us well in legal matters involving home schooling and God will bless his efforts as pastor, home schooling coordinator, and evangelist.

Lehel Laszlo (LEH-hell LOSS-low)   His congregation is doing well.  Last month Lehel started preaching from the book of Psalms at the worship service and leading a study on our book Growing in Grace in the afternoon.  Their children finished their school work for the year and, so, this gives Judit more time to visit people with Lehel.  Lehel continues to lead people in the Romans course.  Two of them in particular are showing clear evidence of conversion to Christ and, so, are going into the second part of the Romans course, the part where Paul addresses his readers as believers (beginning at Chapter 5).  Another believer will soon return from Germany to continue our membership course.  Finally, one member seems to have terminal cancer, but is giving a powerful testimony to her friends and encouraging many to turn to the Lord.  Pray God will bless both of Lehel’s congregations and pour out His Spirit on these mentioned above.

Attila Szasz (AW-tee-law SAWS)   Attila is also preaching on Joseph from Genesis.  His Lord’s Day services are growing.  On Tuesdays they study the parables of Christ and Fridays the miracles of Christ.  At the time I got the June report, Attila was in Ukraine at the camp for couples and families and stayed on to help with the ordination of Bertalan Lorinc.  Attila is a zealous servant of the Lord who, thanks to God, is growing in his ministerial calling.  Pray for him, his main congregation and a small mission congregation 20 km distant.

Csaba Zolya (CHA-baw ZOH-yah)   Csaba finished Jonah with his Hungarian congregation and started a new series on I Timothy.  He continues a series on the words of Christ on the cross at the Romanian Bible Study.  Some Romanian people stopped coming to the LD worship service when they found it was not a songfest, but centered about the Word with singing that needed to exalt the Lord.  PTL that a standard is being held up.  Pray God will bless Csaba and both congregations and recent gospel meetings where many heard the Word.

Szabolcs Simon (SAW-bolch SHE-moan)   Szabolcs continues through Acts in his preaching.  Believers are being tested by unbelieving spouses and friends, but are standing as lights in a perverse generation, and the church is growing.  One girl’s mother is in deep depression, but this is causing her to turn all the more to the Lord.  There will be a wedding in August.  Pray God’s blessing on Szabolcs and his two congregations.

Kalman Kovacs (KALL-mawn KOH-vatch)   Kalman continues to help Ferenc Kovacs greatly by taking many services and doing much visiting.  He now has 18 in the Romans course.  Pray for him and these people.


Bertalan Lorinc (BEAR-taw-lawn LOR-eents)   Last month Berci had much preparation for the 7 camps in Ukraine.  His two congregations are doing well.  He also organized the Bible school where 35 adults and 21 young people came (5 new).  He is now in close contact with a Catholic family and thankful that two people have recently decided to leave the liberal HRC to join our church.  Pray for him and these new contacts.

Istvan Gal (ISHT-vawn GALL)  Istvan has also been working hard for the 7 camps.  And thankful that one person finished the Romans course and started our membership course.  Pray God would bless all his work – pastoral, camp ministry, and time with people in the Romans course.  His family’s health is now good.  PTL.

Geza Demeter (GAY-zah DEM-eh-ter)   His children, like the children of our other men in Ukraine, are doing well in their home schooling which encourages local authorities, in turn, to continue to permit our men to HS their children.  Geza is working hard to invite people to the camps and is preparing to give 19 lectures at 6 of the camps.  He also has four people in the Romans course.  One of them became a Christian at Chapter 4 and, so, has moved on to Chapter 5 of Romans and beyond.  Pray that Geza would bear much fruit for the Lord.


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