March Supplement Letter


The front of this supplement has praise and prayer needs of our 16 Hungarian pastors and is meant to go with the new bookmarks now being distributed.  If you get paper copies of this letter, you can find your bookmark in this letter or at your church which has already been sent a packet.  If we somehow missed you or you’d like more, please let me know.  We’ll be glad to send them to you as supplies last.  The flip side of this supplement is about our book ministry.  Pray for it and all the other tools God has given us to build His church.


Imre Szoke (EEM-ray SO-kay)   Praise God for Imre’s strong leadership abilities.  Pray God will continue to use him as a pastor (ordained), seminary teacher, writer, and one of two coordinators of our work in Ukraine.

Peter Szabo (PEE-ter SAW-bow)   Praise God for Peter’s dedication to Christ, gifts in working with people, and humble spirit.  Pray God will use him as a pastor and evangelist to Budapest’s two million people.

Gyula Bagoly (JEW-law BAW-go-ee)   Praise God for Gyula’s ardent devotion to Christ, gifts, and humility in serving.  Pray God will use him as a pastor (ordained) of two congregations, seminary teacher, and one of two coordinators of our work in Ukraine.

Mihaly Siko (MEE-high SHE-ko)   Praise God for Mihaly’s pioneering spirit.  He helped pioneer our work in Budapest and now is starting a new work in Debrecen.  Pray God will empower him in this historic protestant city, once called “Protestant Rome” but now in deep spiritual darkness.


Ferenc Kovacs (FAIR-ents KOH-vatch)   Praise God for Ferenc’s ability to coordinate the work in Romania.  Pray God will use him as a pastor (ordained), coordinator, director of the summer camp ministry in Romania.

Sandor Tamas (SHAWN-door TAWM-awsh)  Praise God for Sandor’s pioneering spirit in the difficult, heavily Roman Catholic city of Csikszereda.  Pray God would give him courage and grace in his work with people. Sandor Molnar (SHAWN-door MOLE-nawr)   Praise God for Sandor’s zeal and preaching ability.  Pray God would use him as both a pastor and an evangelist and that many would come to Christ under his ministry.   Gabor Curcubet (GAW-bore COUR-koo-bet)   Praise God for his partial Romanian ancestry (his father is Romanian, enabling Gabor to represent us well in legal matters involving home schooling.  Pray God will bless his efforts as pastor, home schooling coordinator, evangelist, lecturer on creationist topics.

Lehel Laszlo (LEH-hell LOSS-low)   Praise God for Lehel’s warm-hearted devotion to Christ.  Pray God will bless his two congregations and pour out His Spirit on the many he has enrolled in the Romans course.

Attila Szasz (AW-tee-law SAWS)   Praise God for Attila’s patient work in the leading Hungarian city of

Romania – similar to Debrecen, Hungary.  Pray God would bless him as a pastor (ordained) of two congrega-tions and break the hold of satanic liberal Protestantism on the multitudes there and prick their hearts.

Csaba Zolya (CHA-baw ZOH-yah)   Praise God for Csaba’s joyful spirit in ministry.  Pray God would bless him and his two congregations, one of which is our new Romanian-speaking congregation.

Szabolcs Simon (SAW-bolch SHE-moan)   Praise God for this joy-filled pastor (ordained) who also has two congregations.  Pray God would continue to use him to guide many to Christ and discipline them in the faith.  Kalman Kovacs (KALL-mawn KOH-vatch)   Praise God that he can help Ferenc Kovacs (unrelated) so much by taking services and doing much visiting, including many in the Romans course. Pray for his daily strength.


Bertalan Lorinc (BEAR-taw-lawn LOR-eents)  Praise God for his disciplined nature – a great help to him in his ministry.  Pray God would bless his two congregations and his fine work with people in the Romans course.

Istvan Gal (ISHT-vawn GALL)  Praise God for his hard work and humble spirit.  He has two congregations and heads up the summer camp program.  Pray God would bless all his work – pastoral, the summer camp ministry, and his time with people in the Romans course.  Pray also for the health of his family.

Geza Demeter (GAY-zah DEM-eh-ter)   Praise God for Geza’s understanding of Scripture and his ability as a lecturer with young people.  Pray God would greatly bless his Romans work where there is great potential to enroll many more people (because of our many contacts, especially from the summer camp work).


Hungarian Publisher
1. The Sovereignty of God Arthur W. Pink 1998 Károlyi Gáspár 


Banner of Truth
2. Stand for the Truth Dr. Peter Masters 1999 Károlyi Gáspár Foundation Dr. Peter Masters
3. Why Do We Need a New Reformed Church? Gyula Bagoly 2000 Károlyi Gáspár Foundation
4. Ecclesiola in Ecclesia D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones 2000 Károlyi Gáspár Foundation Banner of Truth
5. Westminster Confession of Faith 2000 Károlyi Gáspár Foundation
6. From Tradition to Truth Richard Bennett 2001 Presbyterian Mission Found Richard Bennett
7. Christianity and Liberalism J. Gresham Machen 2002 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

W. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
8. Christian Living in the Home Dr. Jay E. Adams 2002 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Timeless Texts/ 

Dr. Jay Adams

9. Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms 2004 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

10. The Soul Winner Charles H. Spurgeon 2004 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

11. The Healing Epidemic Dr. Peter Masters 2004 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Dr. Peter Masters
12. Celebrating the Sabbath Bruce A. Ray 2005 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

P & R Publishing Company
13. Portions From Romans Dr. James M. Boice 2005 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Baker Books
14. Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? Dr. James M. Boice 2005 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Crossway Books
15. Children of the Promise Robert R. Booth 2006 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

P & R Publishing Company
16. Lectures on Roman Catholicism Richard Bennett 2006 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Richard Bennett
17. Come to Me! An Urgent     Invitation to Turn to Christ Tom Wells 2007 Presbyterian Publishing Co. Banner of Truth
18. The Right Choice: Home Schooling Chris Klicka 2008 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Noble Publishing / 

Chris Klicka

19. Anti Nicodemite Writings John Calvin 2009 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Protestant Heritage Press
20. The Proper Worship of the True God Szőke Imre 2009 Presbyterian Publishing Co.
21. Shepherding a Child’s Heart Tedd Tripp 2009 Presbyterian Publishing Co. Shepherd Press
22. Need for Membership 

in a Sound Church

Szőke Imre 2010 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

23. An Introduction to Church Government Szőke Imre 2010 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

24. Grow in Grace Sinclair B. Ferguson 2012 Presbyterian 

Publishing Co.

Banner of Truth


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