August Suplement




Date of Camp Name of Camp Purpose of Camp Attendance
1. July 13 – 17 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:40, M:5 + NM:35, A:2 +  CY:38, S:5
2. July 20 – 24 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:25, M:9 + NM:16, A:12 +  CY:13, S:4
3. Aug. 3 – 8 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 6 – 12.

TC:28, M:19 + NM:9, A:6 +  CY:22, S:6
4. Aug. 10 – 14 


Evangelizing camp for 


Evangelizing teenagers. It was canceled because of the lack of attendants
5. Aug. 17 – 20 


Camp for young 

couples, families

Training husbands and wives who are 

church members or sympathizers.

TC:59, M:40 + NM:19, A:33 + 

CY:26, S:3

6. August 21 – 23 


Summer conference Teaching our church members, 

fellowship. Evangelizing new people.

TC:93, M:66 + NM:27, A:65 + 

CY:28, S:4

TC = Total Campers       M = Members       NM = Non-Members       A = Adults       CY = Children or Youth       S = Staff

1/2 The purpose of these camps was to reach young non-Christians who wanted to learn English, whose parents didn’t mind if the Bible was used for this. They just wanted their children educated!  So the lessons were in English, but at times during the day, Hungarian was used to be sure the lesson was learned.  This method is also a big “ice breaker” in building new relation-ships.  Some in our church once took their first steps to Christ this way.  Their interest in English then shifted to interest in Christ!  At the same time, the teaching is done very professionally, and this year included several American English teachers.

3/ This camp was to evangelize children.  More members (non-communicant) came than NMs, but this work has just begun, and it takes children to draw children.  Pray for this small beginning.  This is how things must start in Hungary!

5/6 The first of these two camps was a wonderful opportunity for couples to hear about their roles in marriage under God and toward one another in light of His Word.  A third were not members, but this teaching will help them follow Christ more faithfully in the days ahead.  The second camp was like the first and went deeply into God’s work of sanctification in the life of the true believer.  Pray that those who came will continue to grow in the abundant grace of God in the gospel of His Son.



Date of Camp Name of Camp Purpose of Camp Attendance
1. July 6 – 9 


Adult camp To help our members to grow in holi-ness. TC:50, M:39 + NM:11, A:25 + CY:25, S:4
2. July 9 – 11 


Camp for young  couples, 


Training husbands and wives (church members/sympathizers). TC:54, M:42 + NM:12, A:26 + CY:28, S:4
3. July 13 – 18 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 7 – 11

TC:45, M:5 + NM:40, A:0 + 

CY:45, S:8

4. July 20 – 25 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 7 – 11

TC:51, M:4 + NM:47, A:0 + CY:51, S:10
5. July 27 – Aug. 1 


Youth camp Evangelizing teenagers. 

Ages: 12 – 15

TC:21, M:6 + NM:15, A:0 + CY:21, S:6
6. August 3 – 8 


Camp for young  Chris-tians To help our youth to grow in holiness. TC:16, M:6 + NM:10, A:4 + CY:12, S:4
7. August 10 – 15 


Ukrainian language camp (for ethnic Hungarians) Teaching gospel lessons through the use of the Ukrainian language. It was canceled because of the lack of attendants

1/ Lehel Laszlo from Romania went to Ukraine for this first camp of the Ukraine camp season.  It proved to be a time of great strengthening for our members.  We also had some NMs (non-members) who came and were challenged to give their lives to Christ, grow in holiness and, as part of this, be members of Christ’s visible church on earth.

2/ Lehel stayed on for this camp.  It was very helpful to members and NMs in regard to husbands and wives working as “heirs together of the grace of life.” (I Pet. 3:7)  The NMs could also see, by example, the importance of being part of Christ’s church.

3/4 These two camps evangelized children ages 7-11.  The first was for children in the Berezszasz region where Berci Lorinc is pastor.  The second was for children from Zapszony, Barkaszo and Ungar where Istvan Gal is pastor.  These camps had almost 100 children, many for the first time.  This shows how, in Ukraine, many non-Christian parents want their children to hear God’s Word.  Pray for these children, that they would come to Christ, grow in faith and, some day, be part of our church.

5/ This camp was for teenagers, mostly NMs.  As elsewhere in the world, these teenagers are beset with all kinds of temptation and sin.  PTL they were very open to God’s Word and the challenge to come to Christ and live in and by His grace.

6/ This last camp in Ukraine was for young people – young in years and Christian experience.  Mihaly Siko came from Hungary to give them an abundance of good teaching.  Not a large number (16), but a very important camp.



Date of Camp Name of Camp Purpose of Camp Attendance
1. June 22 – 26 


Camp for our men and their wives Training and fellowship for our men and their wives. TC:69, M:69 + NM:0, A:28 + CY:41, S:0
2. June 29 – July 6 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 7 – 11

TC:34, M:13 +  NM:21, A:0 + CY:34, S:11
3. July 13 – 19 


Evangelizing camp for                       teens Evangelizing teenagers. 

Ages: 12 – 17

TC:44, M:17 + NM:27, A:0 +   CY:44, S:8
4. July 20 – 26 


Teaching camp for Chris- tians Training church members, encouraging sympathizers. TC:42, M:30 + NM:12, A:37 + CY:5, S:5
5. July 27 – Aug. 2 


Camp for young 

couples, families

Training husbands and wives (church members/sympathizers). TC:38, M:31 + NM:7, A:17 +   CY:21, S:6
6. July 27 – 31 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:16, M:0 + NM:16, A:0 +     CY:16, S:4
7. August 3 – 7 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:47, M:2 + NM:45, A:2 +     CY:45, S:6
8. August 10 – 14 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:28, M:2 + NM:26, A:0 +     CY:28,  S:7
9. August 17 – 23 


Camp for young people Evangelizing and teaching young people. Ages: 18 – 35 TC:30, M:10 + NM:20, A:8 + CY:22, S:6

1/ This was the first of our 20 camps (in all three countries) – a spiritual retreat for our 16 pastors and their families after the home schooling year ended.  HS is very heavy on the wives, also their husbands (the pastors) who must help them in it.  All 16 families (from all 3 countries) came (save one family), and they were greatly refreshed.  PTL.

2/ This camp was for children where both M and NM children were blessed.  Some NM children asked many questions about personal salvation, were moved to ask Christ to come into their hearts, and shared this with others.

3/ One of our largest youth camps ever in Romania.  The main theme was : the “I am…” words of Christ.  We saw many changes in the attitude of the campers.  God’s Word touched others, who now are thinking about their lost condition.

4/ This camp was well attended and meant to train our members in the faith, but some NMs were also much influenced by the lectures on the Christian life; how to live for Christ and confront the world, the flesh and the devil.

5/ This camp was a great time to teach our church families (and some NMs who were there).  In addition to the lectures, there were good group discussions, times of prayer, singing, and walks in the forest.  Everyone was thankful for the time.

6/7/8 These three camps were like the ones in Hungary.  The campers heard the gospel in English, then some became more excited about it than the English they were learning!  This will give us many contacts to follow up in coming months.  Pray!

9/ This last camp in Romania was greatly blessed.  We saw God at work not only in young believers, but in NMs not yet converted.  Every evening 3 to 5 young people gave testimony to Christ’s work in their lives.  They also urged NMs to dedicate themselves to the Lord and join a biblical church.  Some NMs then spoke of their desire and decision to do this very thing..


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