May Supplement, 2010


Balatonalmádi/Miskolc, Hungary

Date of the Camp Name of the Camp Leaders and Helpers The Purpose of the Camp
July 5 – 10

( Miskolc )

English camp L: M. Marianna, Sz. Anikó H: Sz. Erika Teaching the gospel through English lessons.
August 2 – 8


Children’s camp L: B. Gyula

H: K. Ibolya, Sz. Krisztina,

B. Klára, P. Enikő

Evangelizing children.

Ages: 6 – 14

August 20 – 22

( Miskolc )

L: Sz. Imre, B. Gyula

H: Sikó Mihály, Sz. Peter

Teaching our church members  and having fellowship.  Evangelizing new people.


Kukja, Ukraine

Date of the Camp Name of the Camp Leaders and Helpers The Purpose of the Camp
July 5 – 10 Children’s camp L:  L. Bertalan

H: D. Géza, G. István,

M. Viktória  K. Csilla

Evangelizing children.
July 12 – 17 Youth camp (11-14


L: L. Bertalan,  G. István,

D. Géza,

H: Orosz Attila

Evangelizing young people

beyond the age of those in

the children’s camp.

July 19 – 21 Adults camp L: L. Bertalan, G. István,

D. Géza,

Curcubet  Gábor

H: Orosz Attila

Teaching our church members

and having fellowship.

Evangelizing new people.

July 22 – 24 Young couple’s camp L: L. Bertalan, G. István

Curcubet Gábor

H: D. Géza

This is a special effort to

evangelize young couples who

do not have much contact with

the church.

August 2 – 8 Youth camp (above 14


L: L. Bertalan, G. István,

D. Géza

H: Orosz Attila

This is more for young people

who are already Christians and

mainly to teach them.

August 9 – 14 English camp L: Sz. Anikó, M. Mariann

H: L. Bertalan, G. István,

D. Géza

To reach and evangelize new


Please pray for the above camps, also our preachers in Hungary: Imre Szoke (Miskolc), Gyula Bagoly (Balatonalmádi), Mihaly Siko (Debrecen), Szabo Peter Andras (Budapest). And in Ukraine: Berci Lorinc (Beregszasz), Geza Demeter (Beregszasz), and Istvan Gal (Zápszony).


Szováta, Romania

Date of the Camp Name of the Camp Leaders and Helpers The Purpose of the Camp
June 21 – 25 Our men and wives’ camp L: K. Ferenc

H: Sz. Attila

Training and fellowship for our men and wives.
June 25 – 30 Our children and wives’ camp L: K. Ferenc

H: S. Margit, Sz. Zelma

Teaching our children, fellowship for the men’s wives.
July 5 – 12 Children’s camp L: Sz. Attila, L. Lehel

H: M. Sandor, Z. Csaba

Evangelizing children.

Ages: 7 – 11

July 19 – 26 Evangelizing camp for teens L: M. Sándor, S. Szabolcs

H: M. Éva, S. Margit

Evangelizing teenagers.

Ages: 12 – 18

July 26 – Aug. 2 Teaching camp for young Christians L: K. Ferenc, Sz. Péter,

H: T. Sándor

Training our young church members, encouraging Christian sympathizers.
August 9 – 16 Camp for young couples, families L: S. Szabolcs, Sz. Attila

H: K. Ferenc

Training husbands and wives who are church members or sympathizers.
August 16 – 23 Evangelizing and Teaching Camp for Older Adults L: K. Ferenc, Z. Csaba

H: T. Sándor

Evangelizing unbelievers, training Christians

(older adults)

Pray for the above and our preachers in Romania: Attila Szasz (Kolozsvar), Sandor Molnar (Vasarhely), Lehel Laszlo (Erdoszentgyorgy), Ferenc Kovacs (Szovata), Kalman Kovacs (Szovata), Gabor Curcubet (Udvarhely), Sandor Tamas (Csikszereda), Szabolcs Simon (Sepsiszentgyorgy), Csaba Zolya (Vulkan).

Pray for other ways our church (Reformed Presbyterian Church of Central & Eastern Europe) tries to win the lost to Christ: (1) Training our church members to share the gospel with their neighbors.  (2) Thanks to the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, we have beautiful calendars (w/Scripture verses) and Bibles to give to people at the end of the year.  In 2009, we gave out 6,000 Hungarian calendars, 2,000 Romanian calendars and 250 Bibles.  These calendars are themselves a great witness; they also open up homes which would otherwise not be open to us.  (3) This then helps us begin home Bible studies – designed to reach people who are not yet ready to visit our church.  (4) We now have 22 books in Hungarian (most translated from English) – some of them evangelistic.  (5) We have a quarterly magazine that features sound teaching, testimonies and evangelistic messages (”The Narrow Way”), also a special children’s magazine (’The Little Pilgrim”)  (6) We set up booths on market days where we distribute our literature and make new contacts. (7) Sunday schools and special children’s meetings.  (8) Hospital ministries.  (9) Creationist literature and lectures in public schools.  (10) A Hungarian website with an evangelistic section (  (11) Special evangelistic services in by our 22 congregations.  (12) Friday evening forums where topics of public interest are addressed from a Biblical perspective.

For information on Westminster Biblical World Mission in the USA, visit

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