March Supplement, 2010


Weekly Meetings in our Congregations

Services in HUNGARY

Location Contact Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LORD’S DAY
Balatonalmádi Bagoly Gyula 17:30 BS 19:00 YBS 10:30 WS
06-30-269-8643 16:00 BS
Budapest Szabo Peter 18:00 BS 10:30 WS
06-1-322-9317 14:00 PA
Debrecen Sikó Mihály 17:00 BS
06-20-523-2147 (every 2nd week)
Kaposszerdahely Bagoly Gyula 18:00 BS 11:00 WS
06-30-269-8643 16:00 WS
Miskolc Szőke Imre 17:00 BS 15:00 CS 9:45 CBS
06-46-412-558 10:30 WS
Location Contact Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LORD’S DAY
Brassó Simon Szabolcs 12:00 WS
Csíkszereda Tamás Sándor 19:00 BS 10:00 WS
Erdőszentgyörgy László Lehel 17:00 BS 17:00 WBS 10:00 WS, 11:30 CBS
0723-630-793 17:00 BS
Kézdivásárhely Tamás Sándor 14:00 BS
Kolozsvár Szász Attila 18:00 GS 10:00 WS
0364-109-567 18:00 BS
Marosvásárhely Molnár Sándor 17:00 WPM 15:00 CBS 9:30 HS 11:00 WS
0265-267-166 18:00 BS 17:00 BS
Parajd Kovacs Kalman 17:00 BS
Petrozsény Zólya Csaba 14:00 BS
Rava László Lehel 14:00 WS
Sepsiszentgyörgy Simon Szabolcs 18:00 BS 10:00 WS
0744-307-550 15:00 CBS
Szamosújvár Szász Attila 14:00 WS
0364-109-567 (every 2nd week)
Székelyudvarhely Curcubet Gábor 19:00 BS 19:00 PA 10:00 WS, 11:00 CS
0726-265-566 18:00 BS
Szováta Kovács Ferenc 17:00 BS 10:00 WS
0722-573-019 15:00 CBS 17:00 BS
Vulkán Zólya Csaba 17:00 BS 10:00 WS
0723-395-260 15:00 CBS 17:00 BS

Services in UKRAINE

Location Contact Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday LORD’S DAY
Barkaszó Gál István 18:00 BS 16:30 YBS 13:00 WS
380-99-557-6333 (Monday) 18:00 CS
Beregszász Lőrinc Bertalan 18:00 BS 10:00 WS
Búcsú Demeter Géza 16:00 CBS
Izsnyéte Lőrinc Bertalan 19:00 YBS 19:00 BS 12:30 CBS
380-99-456-2471 18:00 BS 14:00 WS
Rafajna Demeter Géza 19:00 BS 14:00 WS
Zápszony Gál István 18:00 BS 14:00 CBS
380-99-557-6333 16:00 WS, 17:15 YBS

WS: Worship Service; HS: Hospital Service; BS: Bible Study; CBS: Children’s Bible Study; YBS: Youth Bible Study; WBS: Women’s Bible Study; PM: Prayer Meeting; WPM: Women’s Prayer Meeting; GS: Gospel Service; PA: Panel Discussion; CS: Confession Study


The above chart gives the services of the RPCCEE in 25 locations in Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine. Prior to World War I there was a thriving Hungarian Reformed Church in the Hungarian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Even then, however, there were serious problems on the horizon.  Liberalism with its denial of biblical truth was penetrating the seminaries of the HRC.  The church was losing its evangelistic fervor.  And Reformed homes, once places where children learned biblical truth from their fathers, started drifting from this solemn duty.  Then, as a judgment from God, WWI swept over Hungary, and when it ended, Hungary was cut down to one-third of its size, leaving large numbers of Hungarians outside its borders.  This resulted in great misery for years to come, but the worst was the Soviet occupation of the entire area from 1945 to 1990.  By 1990, the Hungarian Reformed Church was but a lifeless shell of its former self.

In 1990, Dr. Robert Rapp, a veteran missionary since 1960 with service in Brazil, Pakistan, and South Korea, received a call from the Lord to come over and help in the Hungarian lands.  From 1990 to 1992, Dr. Rapp met with church leaders and shared his vision for a school to train young Hungarian men for the gospel ministry.  In 1992, that vision began to take shape in the form of a new school.  In 1996, the school, Karolyi Gaspar Institute of Theology & Missions, had its first graduates.  These graduates, however, were not welcomed by the bishops of the HRC and, instead, were excommunicated for not being willing to be retrained in the liberal theology of the HRC.  That sad event event, however, was the Lord’s way of showing Dr. Rapp and his students that the time had come for a new church, the RPCCEE.

Today, the RPCCEE has 22 growing congregations and three preaching points in Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine pastored by 16 men trained by Dr. Rapp.  Pray for the continued spiritual development of the RPCCEE, that it will soon become self-supporting and self-governing.  It already has a great evangelical witness in the entire region and now carries 40% of the financial burden of the work (the rest coming from friends and churches who know of the work through Dr. Rapp).  Please use this chart to remember these congregations as they meet to hear God’s Word.  Hungary and Ukraine time is Eastern USA time + 6 hours, Romania is Eastern USA + 7 hours. You can pray as the Word is being preached and taught there.  Pray also for the other ministries of the church – its spring and fall conferences, summer camps, publications, and efforts to promote home schooling in all three countries.

For more information, please check our mission web site:

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