Summer Camp Results – 2014



Date of Camp Name of Camp Purpose of Camp Attendance
1. July 14 – 19 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:31, M:4 + NM:27, A:18 +  CY:13, S:3
2. Aug. 4 – 9 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 6 – 12.

TC:45, M:7 + NM:38, A:12 +  CY:33, S:4
3. Aug. 4 – 9 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:60, M:5 + NM:55, A:20 + 

CY:40, S:5

4. August 16 


Men’s conference Teaching our men and giving them a special opportunity for fellowship. TC: 21, M:15 + NM:6, A:21 + 

CY:0, S:0

TC = Total Campers       M = Members       NM = Non-Members       A = Adults       CY = Children or Youth       S = Staff

1. The theme of this camp was the book of Jonah taught in English. Filep Eszter and Illés Eszter had two groups – children (beginners) and young people (intermediates).  Gyula (pastor) presented the gospel to all who attended and, additionally, met and talked with the parents of those attending.  He plans to follow up on these contacts with visits where possible.

2. This children’s camp was a very blessed time.  We taught stories from Genesis (creation, fall, Cain and Abel, the flood) and applied them.  The children loved the camp.  We hope some of these parents will also start to attend our meetings.

3. The theme here was also the book of Jonah.  During the camp Imre had the opportunity to talk with people – mainly the parents of the children.  He also delivered a Bible message at the end.  The attendees received Bibles and tracts at the closing ceremony.  This camp gave us an opportunity to meet new people and have good contact with them.

4. This one-day camp was for our male members and sympathizers.  Imre first spoke on the dangers of sexual temptation, then Gyula on the importance of convictions.  Later Misi spoke about men and their strengths as men.  All were glad to hear and discuss these important matters, and expressed their joy in having fellowship together.


Date of Camp Name of Camp Purpose of Camp Attendance
1. July 7 – 12 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 7 – 11

TC:64, M:0 + NM:64, A:0 + CY:64, S:14
2. July 14 – 17 


Adult camp To help our members to grow in holi-ness. TC:47, M:37 + NM:10, A:27 + CY:20, S:6
3. July 17 – 19 


Camp for young  couples, families Training husbands and wives (church members/sympathizers). TC:41, M:21 + NM:20, A:23 + 

CY:18, S:8

4. July 28 – Aug. 2 


Youth camp Evangelizing teenagers. TC:30, M:0 + NM:30, A:0 + CY:30, S:10
5. August 4 – 10 


Camp for young  Chris-tians To help our youth to grow in holiness. TC:20, M:9 + NM:11, A:0 + CY:20, S:7
6. August 11 – 16 


Ukrainian language camp (for ethnic Hungarians) Teaching gospel lessons through the use of the Ukrainian language. TC:21, M:0 + NM:21, A:9 + CY:12, S:6

1. Thanks to the Lord for this children’s camp and a huge attendance, 23 for the first time.  We taught the children about Jesus Christ and had many group discussions.  These discussions helped us see what they understood in the lectures. We tried to show them why they need to believe in Christ. They were very open and had many questions. PTL for the helpers who did a great job.

2. 3. The first 3 days were for older people and the following 3 days for young couples.  Both camps were very useful.  Laszlo Lehel taught on Nehemiah and applied it well.  Members and nonmembers made friendships.  It was a very blessed week.

4. We evangelized these 30 teenagers, of whom 23 were boys!  Amazing!  Many of these young people had good questions. They would like to follow Jesus, but worldly things tend to keep them back.  We were glad they talked about their struggles.

5. The young Christians camp was a very blessed camp.  Szőke Imre gave excellent teaching from God’s word.  We had many good discussions.  Non-members could also learn the Word of God and the meaning of true faith in Christ.

6. Thanks be to God for this camp. We reached new children and their parents and first taught them about Joseph in Hungarian, then some Christian teachers we enlisted spoke about Joseph in Ukrainian. The children were all very active in studying. We daily set before them the need for repentance and saw some of them turn to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Date of Camp Name of Camp Purpose of Camp Attendance
1. June 23 – 28 


Camp for our men and their wives Training and fellowship for our men and their wives. TC:56, M:56 + NM:0, A:24 + CY:32, S:2
2. June 30 – July 7 


Children’s camp Evangelizing children. 

Ages: 7 – 11

TC:27, M:0 +  NM:27, A:0 + CY:27, S:10
3. July 14 – 21 


Evangelizing camp for                       teens Evangelizing teenagers. 

Ages: 12 – 17

TC:34, M:0 + NM:34, A:0 +   CY:34, S:8
4. July 21 – 28 


Teaching camp for Chris- tians Training church members, encouraging sympathizers. TC:54, M:31 + NM:23, A:38 + CY:16, S:3
5. July 28 – Aug. 4 


Camp for young 

couples, families

Training husbands and wives (church members/sympathizers). TC:44, M:25 + NM:19, A:23 +   CY:21, S:13
6. July 28 – Aug. 2 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:70, M:3 + NM:67, A:2 +     CY:68, S:5
7. August 4 – 9 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:18, M:0 + NM:18, A:0 +     CY:18, S:4
8. August 11 – 15 


English camp Teaching the gospel through English lessons. TC:34, M:0 + NM:34, A:0 +     CY:34, S:6
9. August 18 – 24 


Camp for young people Evangelizing and teaching young people. Ages: 18 – 35 TC:31, M:6 + NM:25, A:0 + CY:31, S:5

1. Our men received much spiritual encouragement from the messages and fellowship. We also got good guidelines for studies of the OT that can be a great help in preaching the OT. We also received good guidelines for a study of the end times as well.

2. By God’s grace we observed God’s work in the children who were at the camp. They were eager to listen to God’s word. And by talking to them about their problems we could lead them to Jesus. They also told us that they are going to read the Bible at home and begin to attend our church’s Bible studies for children.

3. These young people from non-Christian backgrounds got a taste of biblical Christianity. Some of them experienced the light of the gospel for the first time in their lives. Many of them were moved by messages about individual Christians in the Bible.

4. The Lord blessed this effort to bring church members in different age groups together and help them come into deeper Christian fellowship with each other. The attendees of this camp realized there might be many kinds of “little” but dangerously false beliefs in their everyday lives which can hinder them in their spiritual growth.

5. The families who attended this camp were touched by the Word of God and its call to men, wives and children to be family responsible. Many of our members realized again how important it is to live in a godly family way in order to glorify God.  Non-member families were touched by the godly fellowship and the Bible-based teaching they could hear.

6. The theme of this large camp was the story of Jonah.  Some of the attendees were first-timers. The daily program started with a short devotion where Szabolcs covered themes such as God’s love, sin, faith, repentance and, at the end, gave God’s call to receive the Gospel. This was followed by five hours of English lessons and one hour of play, needlework and singing.

7. Gábor (pastor), Gabriella (wife) and the teachers had deep discussions with the attendees, especially at breaks and after the daily lectures ended.  One boy went back to visit Gábor’s family and play with his children.  He told him that the English Camp was the best thing in his life until now.  Another young man and his father also went back to visit Gábor and talk with him.

8. 9. The campers at this camp not only learned about the book of Jonah in English, but got the main teachings of Scripture in Hungarian from the devotions led by Sandor (pastor). They also got song sheets and a workbook to record the teaching from Jonah.  The next and last camp this summer has just started, but it is going very well with much spiritual fruit expected.


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