November 2013 Supplement Letter


This supplement has recent general news, then news about our 16 Hungarian pastors and their main prayer needs (often implied in the news).  Please continue to use the bookmarks we distributed earlier this year.


Imre Szoke (EEM-ray SO-kay)  Imre traveled a lot in October and November to minister in other congrega-tions and, with Gyula Bagoly, continued to update the Hungarian translation of Pink.  His congregation is doing well.  Attendance now runs over 30 people (please remember that all our congregations grow from zero, then must wait until people are converted and discipled!!)  A new youth Bible study was started this fall and is growing.

Peter Szabo (PEE-ter SAW-bow)  In November Peter’s congregation in Budapest grew by four, three as new members, one as a transfer from one of our congregations in Ukraine. The services are also growing.  Twenty-five attend the Bible studies on average; 40-45 people come on the Lord’s Day.  On one occasion 60 came, requiring some young members to stand (we now have more chairs!).  This included four university students whom Peter has since enrolled in the Romans course.  Pray for Budapest’s two million people.

Gyula Bagoly (JEW-law BAW-go-ee)  Gyula continues to minister to two congregations in southern Hungary with a combined attendance of almost 40.  This means he travels every week some 45 miles between the two congregations.  He also speaks at conferences, helps edit our books, has three people in Almadi in the Romans course and five in Kaposvar in the same.  He and Imre also do all of the teaching of our KGITM students.

Mihaly Siko (MEE-high SHE-ko)  Misi’s new work in Debrecen is very difficult.  This city was earlier called “Protestant Rome” when it was a bastion for the Reformation against the apostasy of Rome from the faith.  Now it also is apostate from the faith.  The HRC there has beautiful historical buildings and a theological seminary, but they are now monuments to the unbelief of man.  In spite of this darkness, Misi is doing a great work with a tiny group (6-8 people) that is growing.  Be sure that no American missionary could ever do a work like this.  It reminds us of what Ezekiel faced in his day (please read Ezekiel 2:1-7!!)


Ferenc Kovacs (FAIR-ents KOH-vatch) has four young daughters and reminds me of “Philip the evangelist, one of the seven, who also had four unmarried daughters who testified of the gospel.”  Acts 21:8, 9.  He says, “Sara and I are thankful for the help of the Mission in providing Christian textbooks for our home schooling families.  Sara continues to help me in addition to doing her housekeeping and supervising the studies of the girls.” Ferenc recently combined his Bible study groups in two villages outside their city into one group with 19 now attending.  Keep praying for Ferenc as pastor, Session member, and camp and conference director.  Sandor Tamas (SHAWN-door TAWM-awsh)  Sandor continues to work in the heavily Roman Catholic city of Csikszereda and its one HRC church (very liberal). Pray God would strengthen him in his work with people.  PTL that the sister of one of his members recently professed faith in Christ and is standing firmly in the truth.

Sandor Molnar (SHAWN-door MOLE-nawr)   Sandor Molnar and Eva had a third girl in August.  The baby is doing nicely. Sandor actively cares for his congregation.  Some of his members have very challenging and stressful situations and need much counsel.  Sandor also evangelizes outsiders very zealously and recently finished the Membership Course with one couple.  Pray God would continue to use Sandor both as pastor and evangelist.

Gabor Curcubet (GAW-bore COUR-koo-bet)   Gabor continues to teach on Acts and reports his members are growing spiritually, including several recent converts.  Gabor and one of his men (a future RE) are planning a week-long evangelistic series this winter – always a good time when scattered family members are home.  He has good conversations with old friends, one an atheist who, for the first time, listens to biblical teaching.  He is also grateful for the spiritual development of one who, for years, has been attending our services, but vowed never to take her membership out of the HRC.  God is also using Gabor’s creation materials on the internet.

Lehel Laszlo (LEH-hell LOSS-low)   Lehel also has a fine RE prospect in his congregation who helps him in his pastoral/mission work.  This man is studying Berkhof’s Systematic Theology while his wife teaches songs from our songbook to the congregation.  Lehel had 17 people from his two congregations attend our recent fall conference.  He continues to guide five in the Romans course and plans to start the Membership Course with three.  He has just started to preach from Paul’s letter to the Philippians at the Lord’s Day services.

Attila Szasz (AW-tee-law SAWS)  Attila writes: “By God’s grace, some new people started the Romans course.  And one started taking the Membership Course after finishing the Romans course.  This lady attended our Friday meetings five years and never showed any more interest.  She was not even open to personal visits and seemed hopeless. But a year ago she started attending the Lord’s Day meetings and early this year she agreed to be visited at home (after her husband died).  She is now very zealous and enthusiastic about every meeting.  She keeps daily contact with the other church members where, over the phone, they discuss the daily reading in the One-Year Bible and have prayer fellowship.  Another important development is that, beginning last month, we started meetings for Romanian-speaking people on the Lord’s Day evening.  God gave us a key couple for this, and they are now regularly inviting and bringing others to come.”  PTL and pray.

Csaba Zolya (CHA-baw ZOH-yah)  Csaba now has 11 people in the Romans course.  So many good things are happening in Csaba’s congregation that it is hard to know where to begin!  As one example, however, a lady who was attending our services died in October.  Csaba had the service in our sanctuary. More than 60 people came, including people from the HRC church in Vulkan who had never been to our services.  Pray!

Szabolcs Simon (SAW-bolch SHE-moan)   Szabolcs’ labors are also being greatly blessed.  He has continued on I Thessalonians and says, “It is a good reminder for us to live in the light of Jesus’ return.”  They also started a singing group where outsiders who are not yet interested in other meetings are welcome. (This is not a choir group, just a chorus group.)  Szabolcs has four in his Romans course and three in his Membership Course.

Kalman Kovacs (KALL-mawn KOH-vatch)   Kalman handles many of Ferenc’s services for him.  He is also very busy visiting people.  He has 12 in the Romans course, four of whom are doing very well.  And eight in the Membership Course.  Pray God by His Spirit would breathe through His Word as Kalman guides them.


Bertalan Lorinc (BEAR-taw-lawn LOR-eents)  In addition to his work with the fall conference, Berci continued the Romans course with nine people and the Membership Course with seven.  It is amazing how people can be spiritually dead for so long and seemingly impossible to reach, but once they begin to study Paul’s letter to the Romans, some begin to awaken from their sleep of death.  Keep praying for them. Berci also has a prospective RE in training.  Interestingly he is using R. C. Sproul’s theological materials with him.

Istvan Gal (ISHT-vawn GALL) Istvan is still following up people who are contacts from some of our camps this past summer.  Pray for his two congregations, one in Zapszony (where he lives) and one in Barkaszo.  We asked for fruit for Istvan in our last supplement, and the Lord has certainly answered.  Keep praying.

Geza Demeter (GAY-zah DEM-eh-ter)  Geza has no congregation of his own, but helps both Berci and Istvan in their ministries and did most of the lecturing at the fall Reformation conference.  He also has a great opportunity to do Romans work with many people.  Unfortunately he is often sick in the winter months.  Pray that God would deliver him from frequent sickness this winter.


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