About Us

Our Objective:

The purpose of Westminster Biblical World Mission is to glorify God by obeying Christ’s great commission to preach the gospel to every creature and make disciples of all nations in His name. Being fully committed to the system of reformed doctrine expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith, this agency desires to maintain a standard along these particular lines. It is therefore committed to the task of establishing and strengthening indigenous, self-supporting, Bible-believing churches and related institutions of this same doctrinal persuasion throughout the world. As part of this program for establishing such churches and institutions, this mission board expects that its mission personnel will defend the faith of the gospel as well as propagate it and will maintain their separation from all unscriptural church movements. By having such standards as these, this board will provide missionaries a means by which they may more effectively serve God on the field. It will also provide individuals and churches at home a means by which they may be assured that their gifts are supporting individuals and projects which are dedicated to spreading God’s Word according to truly Biblical standards.

Our Work:

Our focus is currently on Central and Eastern Europe. We are establishing churches in Hungary and in the Hungarian regions of Romania and Ukraine.

Link to the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Central and Eastern Europe. (www.reformatus.org)

Recent Updates:

Our February 2018 newsletter is here.  We are happy to post this latest newsletter of the RPCCEE.  This is the church our mission began praying for when the Communist iron curtain fell in 1989, after which we sent our first missionary to Hungary in 1990, where we opened a new school of theology in 1992 to train church-planting pastors.  We then sent our first graduates out in 1996 and organized them into a Reformed, Presbyterian church in 1998, helping this church to be self-propagating.  The RPCCEE then became self-governing in 2013 and should be self-supporting by the end of 2018.  Please pray for the RPCCEE, that the Lord would continue to bless and use it for His honor and glory in Central and Eastern Europe and all the world. 

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